On 03/16/2013 10:45:57 PM, Bonnie Packet wrote:
> The question is how best to create a "virtual switch" out of em2 and
> em3,

> I'd love some advice on what the "best" way to accomplish this is.
> ("Best" =
> in my particular case means first, lowest total firewall cpu cost to
> route/=
> filter; second, lowest PF ruleset complexity;  and third, lowest
> network tr=
> affic [ie, no packets going out ports that will just drop them
> anyways]. An=
> d I guess fourth, future lexibility in case I need to add a third or
> fouth =
> damn access point...)

Um, given these requirements, a physical switch would seem to be 
optimal.  (Of course this is the lazy way out, but
this way there's absolutely no danger of burning out
any precious brain cells from design-fatigue.  ;-)

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