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> Um, given these requirements, a physical switch would seem to be 
> optimal.  (Of course this is the lazy way out, but
> this way there's absolutely no danger of burning out
> any precious brain cells from design-fatigue.  ;-)

Note that the above reply is a bit snarky.  If you want
to avoid extra hardware there's surely a "best" way
to do it.  I'm not paying enough attention to think
what it might be.  Thinking out loud
(my having forgotten your requirements) is to use
a separate network for your access points.  You
could deliver them dhcp, etc.  You could frob
the soekris arp table so that the gateway IP
address is reachable by all ports with access
points plugged in.  (Something avoided
by bridging....?)  Then your pf rules would filter
by network.  Of course you'd have to setup
routing tables for the wireless networks
and I can't remember if you're looking for handover
to pass a roaming device from one to the next.

Perhaps not the most general solution.....

All the same, spending the time to engineer
something sounds like it might not be cost effective,
interesting as it may be to find a way to do it

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