The new rules for prioritizing traffic seem to be very simple to do. In my
case we have fiber that we pay for but has a burstable speed. We do not want
to use the burstable speeds due to the overcharging that AT&T charges to do
it. Our fiber pipe that we pay for is 25Mbits at a tower. We have burstable
up to 100Mbits. By having it set up this way we can make a call and bump it
up easier than letting AT&T due their normal route of installing another
fiber right beside the one we already have and wasting all our time. That
being said we were wanting to use something to do nothing but limit em0 to
25Mbits and then we would set prio to whatever we need on the rest of the
rules. If we graph it or see it maxing out then we make a call and see how
long it takes our beloved (sarcasm) AT&T to turn it up. I have been reading
and learning, I have not seen anything to limit an interface in 5.5. Is this
something to do without to much ado or is it something coming later?
Thanks for the brief direction to go, 
Kevin Gerrard

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