Google's brilliant, really truly free YouTube Red trial promotion

One of my gripes about "free" trials on the Net is that they nearly
inevitably require both a payment method on file and will start
charging you automatically when the trial period ends. Having the
payment method in the system isn't that big a deal, but automatic
charging when trials run out has tended to rub me the wrong way.

Google/YouTube has broken that mold. While browsing around, I was
offered to download the YouTube Android music app (which is designed
for playing both ad-supported and subscription supported music). When
I logged into the app, my standard YouTube account was immediately
upgraded to YouTube Red for two weeks -- meaning no ads and a bunch of
other features. At the end of that time my account will revert to
normal, and the welcome message notes explicitly that there will be no
automatic charges. 

Now that's the way to do a free trial!

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