Could voting fraud panel create an easy target for hackers?

        Officials from both parties had a consistent answer last year
        when asked about the security of voting systems:  U.S.
        elections are so decentralized that it would be impossible for
        hackers to manipulate ballot counts or voter rolls on a wide
        scale.  But the voter fraud commission established by
        President Donald Trump could take away that one bit of
        security.  The commission has requested information on voters
        from every state and recently won a federal court challenge to
        push ahead with the collection, keeping it in one place.  By
        compiling a national list of registered voters, the federal
        government could provide one-stop shopping for hackers and
        hostile foreign governments seeking to wreak havoc with
        elections.  "Coordinating a national voter registration system
        located in the White House is akin to handing a zip drive to
        Russia," said Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan
        Grimes, a Democrat who has refused to send data to the

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