Thanks, applied!

A couple of things that need some more investigation/thought though:

- Pressing Escape in the Query Tool and then using Alt+Shift+[ (or ] )
seems to behave oddly:

  - Sometimes it will work once, but then won't navigate to additional tabs.
  - It often seems to fill the Codemirror on the query tool with garbage.

I suspect what is happening is that although it's hidden, the Codemirror
instance is grabbing the second and subsequent key presses and trying to
display them.

- Should we put the shortcuts on the main menus? We have them on tooltips
and button menus elsewhere, so it seems like we should.

On Thu, Feb 8, 2018 at 7:08 AM, Khushboo Vashi <> wrote:

> Hi,
> Please find the attached patch for RM #2899: Provide access
> keys/shortcuts to all commonly used menu options in the main window.
> Shortcuts provided in this patch:
> Alt+Shift+Q Open the query tool
> Alt+Shift+V View data
> Alt+Shift+C Open the context menu
> Alt+Shift+N Create an object
> Alt+Shift+E Edit the object properties
> Alt+Shift+D Delete the object
> Alt+Shift+G Direct debugging
> Thanks,
> Khushboo

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