Hi Aditya,

It is not possible to fire event in another tab/new browser window. For
>>> example, query tool can be open in another tab. And thus, changes are not
>>> reflected there. There are solutions available like updating the
>>> localStorage of the browser but those are not reliable and does not work
>>> properly on different browsers.
>> To communicate between browser tabs we can use cookie polling on client
>> side it self (at least it will avoid polling over http).
>> The main tab will update only preference specific cookie when preference
>> is updated and other tabs will poll required cookies (not all)
>> with specific interval (1 second can be configurable).
> Polling is a solution but I think it should be the last option. http polls
> will not be required anyway as we have preference cache in the browser
> object.

Maybe it's better to poll only when an editor is open in a separate
window?  What would we be polling for and how would be tell the backend
that something changed during the poll?

Victoria & Joao

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