On Wednesday 25 June 2003 05:38, you wrote:
> I've read the documentations you mentioned in your last e-mails and got
> poEdit and pgAdmin3.pot. However, I am not familiar with the rules for the
> strinngs in pgAdmin3.pot. I am not sure what should I do with the back
> slashes or the double quote mark... etc, could you send me some example
> files other translators made to me? I think the simplified Chinese version
> by Weiping He would be most useful for me. Then I will make a try again.

Dear Chih-Hsin,

Thank you very much for trying to translate pgAdmin3 into traditional Chinese. 
I am adding you to the list of translators to make sure that two persons do 
not work on the same translation at the same time.

Also, maybe you should register [EMAIL PROTECTED] mailing list.

This can be done sending an email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] 
with the word "subscribe" in the body of the message. I CC my answer to the 
list if you don't mind.

[EMAIL PROTECTED] allows translators to share knowledge and 
answers. Typicaly, your question is interesting because poedit is able to 
hide double quotes. In menu Display, unset Show Quotes (sorry, I use the 
French localised version, the menu may be a little bit different in English).

If you have any problems with quotes, do not hesitate to get back to us on the 
list and CC me (because the list is sometimes slow to deliver messages).

We thank you again for your kind help.

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