On Thursday 26 June 2003 04:28, Chih-Hsin Lee wrote:
> Dear Jean-Michel,
> Sorry, another question. I saw the po files other translators made. Some
> included "&" in the translated strings, while some did not. What should I
> treat it when I do it with traditional Chinese, a multibyte language? Does
> wxWindows treat "&Copy" to keyboard hotkey such as "alt-C"?
> Sincerely,
> Chih-Hsin Lee

Dear Chih-Hsin,

Yes, wxWindows treat "&Copy" as a keyboard hotkey such as "alt-C". The hotkey 
is displayed undelined. Sometimes, it is hard to determine hotkeys in 
translations, because you have to make sure there are no duplicates. 
Therefore, I only keep hotkeys is same as in English.

But you may also like to wait until the translation is finished and determine 
your "own" hotkeys using pgAdmin3.

Best regards,

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