Ashesh, Murtuza, Surinder,

Any thoughts on how we can achieve this easily, and where we're
lacking notifications? We did have activity notification in the
treeview, but that never worked overly well and now I come to think of
it, I don't recall seeing it recently. I'm thinking we need something:

- On treeview node click

- On dialogue open and OK

- On Wizard steps

- Possibly in the debugger, when stepping?

I would think all that we need is to set the mouse cursor to 'progress'.


On Thu, Sep 15, 2016 at 3:50 PM, Magnus Hagander <> wrote:
> I've been using pgadmin4 a bit recently over really slow and in particular
> long-latency connections (double-vpns across the atlantic..)
> What I've noticed is that there appears to be zero feedback while things are
> running. In this case, the slow link was between pgadmin4 and the database
> it's connected do, but I'd expect similar issues when it's pgadmin that's
> far away from the browser.
> Basically, clicking on a node in the tree, it took 15-20 seconds before the
> SQL pane updated (or the properties pane). During this time, there is *zero*
> feedback that something is going on, unless I open up developer mode. Which,
> in fact, I did a couple of times to look at the console thinking it had
> crashed rather than was just doing something.
> In my case I did the "classic end user" and ended up clicking at a couple of
> different things to see if anything works at all, which of course made
> things even more confusing. But that's exactly the kind of thing that end
> users will do.
> I think that's going to cause a *lot* of confusion. There should really be
> *some* level of feedback.
> I think a very good choice would be if it's possible to make it do nothing
> by default but if a request takes more than say 1 second, a spinner can show
> up to show that it's actually *doing* something.
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