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> Ashesh, Murtuza, Surinder,
> Any thoughts on how we can achieve this easily, and where we're
> lacking notifications? We did have activity notification in the
> treeview, but that never worked overly well and now I come to think of
> it, I don't recall seeing it recently. I'm thinking we need something:
> - On treeview node click
> - On dialogue open and OK
> - On Wizard steps
> - Possibly in the debugger, when stepping?
> I would think all that we need is to set the mouse cursor to 'progress'.
Actually, the treeview spinner worked most of them time.  I'm not sure if
it worked all the time - I didn't check that carefully - but it did work
most of the mtime.

But basically whatever *else* I clicked was the problem. In particular
clicking the tabs out right, with the "Properties" and "SQL" tabs being the
ones I used and they were extremely slow over the high latency connection
(I measured almost 4 minutes as the worst time to load a SQL pane for a
table with 11 columns and a couple of indexes and triggers) with lack of

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