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>> Hi,
>> I'm running pgadmin 4 v2.1 on win10 64 bits, and it's installed under the
>> Postgresql 10 folder in Program Files (which for me up to now indicated it
>> was a 64-bit version, but I see now that it seems pgadmin only exist as a
>> 32 bit app).
>> With regard to upgrading to 4.30, I can only find a 32 bits installation
>> file and that wants to install under Program Files (x86). The documentation
>> does not say anything about these issues.
>> Is this a deliberate change - should I uninstall the previous version
>> under Program Files and then install 4 v3.0 under Program Files (x86)?
> Your current installation is part of the EDB PostgreSQL Installer
> distribution, whilst you are now trying to download the standalone
> community pgAdmin package. The former is available in 32 or 64 bit
> versions, as that is important for the database server, however the
> standalone pgAdmin distribution is only available as a 32bit application
> (there's no real benefit from running that in 64bit mode).
> Well, when we moved from vcbuild to mingw build (I think in v1.4) and
since we didn't find a QT mingw build for 64bit, we used the 32bit
binaries. Though the bitrock installer is a 64bit one, the pgAdmin is
really a 32bit app on Windows.

> You can install the standalone package alongside what you have now, and
> either leave the existing version in place, or run the installer from
> Add/Remove programs and uninstall the pgAdmin component of PostgreSQL, or,
> there should be updated PostgreSQL installers available with pgAdmin 4 v3.0
> in a few days which you can use to upgrade your PostgreSQL installation.
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