Thank you for developing what is supposed to be an improvement on
pgAdmin3 which was often unstable.

After using pgAdmin4 on Debian testing/sid here are a few observations:

* The installation is a bit of a pain the neck without a Debian package.

* The Dashboard is impressive.

* While running a long-running query I miss the time-elapsed indicator
 on pgAdmin3.  The javascript-screen with the running wheel does not
 impress me.
* Usage of the query tool is frustrating:

  * When I try to open an existing sql-script with the file browser
    there is now way I can type in the path.  The field where the path
    is shown is greyed out.
  * Unlike pgAdmin3 it does not keep a history of "recent files" or
  "recent locations" and goes back to /.  To get to something like
    '/home/js/db_docs/sql/projects/collaboration'  from there using the
    mouse requires too many clicks.
  * When I arrive at '/home/js/db_docs/sql/projects/collaboration'  the
    filenames are shortened and the only way to see what the full name
    is, is to hover the mouse over it.  When you have 60 or more files
    in that directory, it is frustrating.
  * The order of the files in
    '/home/js/db_docs/sql/projects/collaboration' cannot be
    changed. Clicking on the "Modified", "Size", or "Name" column
    header does not change the order. So when you cannot remember the
    name of the file you worked on yesterday afternoon, it is difficult
    to see which file is the latest in the list for example.

It would be nice if these things can be configured and to have clear
documentation on how to do it.


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