A few more things I have run across: 

How do I remove the backup/restore progress windows? They just hang out with
no apparent way to close them. If you click "Click here for details" you can
get them to go away. But a few seconds later one of the windows pops up

I woke my DB server from sleep this morning to start some more
backups/restores (moving to a new server box hence the new version of
Postgres and PGAdmin) and the backup and restore windows both accepted my
requests without complaint, but no progress windows popped up. Turns out I
was not connected to the server. That makes sense after waking from sleep,
but PGAdmin did not say anything about not being connected.

When I reconnected, the progress window that had been popping back up on its
own, changed: It went from saying "Successfully Completed" to "Running..."
It is the backup task I tried to start while I was supposedly not connected
to the old server. Maybe that explains why the progress window lept popping
back up?

The restore action I tried to start while the local (new) database was not
connected did not restart. I just tried to start it again, I got a quick
notification window, but I have no progress window for it.

Lastly, most of the time I need to click the Restore button on the Restore
dialog twice to get it to start - like the first click brings focus back to
the form so it can now receive the button_click message.

- Brad

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