A few more items in the file

Select File dialog: 

The filenames are getting cut off at 10 characters. So if I have multiple
files like, Maphazards_Q1_2013, MapHazards_Q2_2013, etc. that all show up as
Maphazards... This happens in both grid view (which makes sense) and table
view (which does not).

There is no way to sort the files that I can see.

If it could remember the folder you were last in, it would really be a time

Import/Export a table
These do not appear to do anything. The dialog comes up, but nothing is
actually exported or imports.

When you drag a .SQL file into a query tool the tab has a generic name like
"Query-6" rather than the actual file name.

I also keep getting errors backing up/restoring databases. I finally gave up
on PGAdmin 4 and went back to PGAdmin 3 (even though it supposedly does not
support PostgreSQl 9.6) and my backups/restores are working now.

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