Running pgAdmin 4 V 1.0 against PostGres 9.6.0
OS: Windows 7 Pro x64

How to reproduce:

Start up pgAdmin4
Connect to your local server.
Right-click on "Databases" and select "Create \ Database ..."
The "Create - Database" dialog comes up.
Enter "Test" as the database name and hit Save.
The database is created.

Navigate to "Test\Schemas\public\Tables"
Right-click on "Tables" and select "Create\Table"
The "Create - Table" dialog comes up.
Enter "TestTable" as the table name and hit Save.
The table is created.

Right click on the new table and select "Query Tool"
In the query window enter:

   create extension "citext"

Hit F5
The messages window contains this:


   Query returned successfully in 161 msec.

Right-click "Test\Extensions" and select "Refresh"

BUG: The citext extension is not there.

If you restart pgAdmin 4 the extension is still not there.


Adam Benson

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