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> Yes, I was starting with manual &zwsp; insertions into the translation,
> but later I reduced such insertions just to several dozens. (For
> example, we still have "3.1415926535&zwsp;8979323846" in the translation.)
> The main issue of the manual approach was that I needed to recheck that
> zwsp placement on updates, and I can't see where it's desired until I
> generate pdf. Fortunately, fop prints warning like that:
> [WARN] FOUserAgent - The contents of fo:block line 2 exceed the
> available area in the inline-progression direction by 22725 millipoints.
> (See position 127769:983)
> It's not very user-friendly, but still useful when we have a pair or two
> of them.

It seems to me that a productive way forward would be to fix the layout
to make these warning disappear. Then it will be relatively easy to find
where to fix, if new ones appear.

Now I suppose you're complaining about the "position 127769:983" part of
the error message which tells you with zero clarity where the problem
is.  Maybe what we need is to figure out what the numbers mean, and how
to use them; for example if they are byte offsets into the file, then it
should be possible to tell your editor to go to that byte in the
complete XML file.

> Second issue is that the placement can depend on the page size and in
> fact most of that zwsps are not needed for html or other formats
> (moreover, some formats can require different placements (if we're not
> just implementing some common rules)).

I suppose A4 page size is going to show slightly different warnings than
Letter page size in the PDF output.  Perhaps we can say that we only
care about warnings in one of them, for these purposes.

Having to touch 500+ places does not sound very appetizing, for sure.

> Third (minor) issue is with translation - when I will see some break in
> the English source, e.g. "split_part('abc~@~def&zwsp;~@~ghi', '~@~',
> 2)", should I leave the break in the same place, or it's better to move
> it because adjacent text has different length and the table columns have
> different width?

If the English version is warning-clean, then it should be possible to
keep the zwsps in the same location in the translation, and then tweak
the translation according to any new warnings that appear there.
My guess is that the majority of zwsps are going to want to stay in the
same place.

> Maybe some of the rules can be implemented explicitly in the DocBook
> source, just to reduce tons of zwsp in the generated output, or the
> "fo:table-cell/fo:block//text()" condition can be improved to filter
> some (text-only?) tables out, but I think that the idea of our specific
> line breaking rules could work.

Maybe we can mark-up specific table cells/columns as being subject to
the special line breaking rules.

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