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 From time to time some spelling for given command gets obsolete, yet it is
shown in the syntax on "equal rights" as other valid clauses. For instance
see `CREATE ROLE` with deprecated spellings like `IN GROUP` or `USER`. I
guess it would be useful to see those spellings visually marked as
deprecated in Synopsis section (with e.g. strike-through or whatever suits
better). Otherwise, when consulting documentation, it often requires jumping
from the synopsis to detailed description and back to check if given
spelling is still applicable. Just a thought. :-)
We don't need to show all _supported_ syntaxes in the "Synopsis"
section, so we could just remove them.

I like this idea even more! :-) Much cleaner approach . And then those obsolete aliases could be simply mentioned in the text for backward compatibility. Big yes! :-)

Greetings, TK

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