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I know I need to think a different approach of what execute blocks does on
What I was trying to was just let them the way they were wrote, because
their results are correct and with more time replace them to a new way.

That may not be necessary. As someone mentioned upstream you maybe able to replace the EXECUTE BLOCK with CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION and then do some clean up/additions to the enclosed code. To be more certain about this we would need to see a complete example of one of EXECUTE BLOCKs. If that is possible for security reasons, then a made example that does the same thing.

But, if that way cannot be used, I´ll probably write some hundred of
functions right now and use them, because this way works for sure. And then,
with more time to spend, I´ll replace them one by one.

Why? Once you create the functions and they do the task what is the purpose of replicating them and more to the point how would you?

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