Em 11/02/2018 03:57, PegoraroF10 escreveu:
We are migrating our databases from Firebird to PostGres. A useful feature
Firebird has is Execute Block.
What it does is just return a record set from that dynamic SQL, just like a
PostGres function, but without creating it.
It sound like ...
execute block returns(ID Integer, Name varchar(50), LastInvoice Date, ...)
   select bla, bla, bla into ...;
   select bla, bla into ...;
I know we could create a function but we have several hundred of these
blocks running, so ... it would be a huge work to do.
So, there is a way to run a dynamic sql which returns a set of records ?

Can't you use "with ... select ..."?


with qry1 as (select bla, bla, bla from xyz), qry2 as (select bla, bla from ...)
select * from qry1
union all
select * from qry2




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