On 03/02/2018 04:36 PM, Dale Seaburg wrote:
My mind is drawing a blank.  Not sure where to go to find the answer. Here is the statement in C#:

sSQL = "SELECT \"Image_Filename\" FROM \"Instruments\" WHERE ";

To finish off the WHERE clause, I need to look at the first 2 letters, like "D:".  My question is how do I specify in the WHERE clause, to look at the first 2 characters in the Image_Filename column?  What is the correct SQL syntax for looking at just a portion of a column?

SELECT "Image_Filename" FROM "Instruments" WHERE "ImageFilename" LIKE 'D:%';

If you want case insensitive then ILIKE. For more info:

I feel so dumb...  This can't be that hard, but I am exhausted and running out of ideas.  I need someone to give me a boost!  ;-)


Adrian Klaver

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