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> On 03/02/2018 04:36 PM, Dale Seaburg wrote:
>> My mind is drawing a blank.  Not sure where to go to find the answer.
>> Here is the statement in C#:
>> sSQL = "SELECT \"Image_Filename\" FROM \"Instruments\" WHERE ";
>> To finish off the WHERE clause, I need to look at the first 2 letters,
>> like "D:".  My question is how do I specify in the WHERE clause, to look at
>> the first 2 characters in the Image_Filename column?  What is the correct
>> SQL syntax for looking at just a portion of a column?
> SELECT "Image_Filename" FROM "Instruments" WHERE "ImageFilename" LIKE
> 'D:%';
> If you want case insensitive then ILIKE. For more info:
> https://www.postgresql.org/docs/10/static/functions-matching
It's not clear what kind of test you're trying to apply to those first two
characters.  If you want to pull them out to use in an expression (e.g., if
you want to see if they are greater or less than something else), you can

SELECT SUBSTRING('abc' FROM 1 FOR 2),LEFT('abc',2),LEFT('abc',2)<'aa'
AS is_less,LEFT('abc',2)>'aa' AS is_more;

 substring | left | is_less | is_more
 ab        | ab   | f       | t
(1 row)


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