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>> >> [... still waiting for the result, I will return with what it said
>> >> when the server does ...]
>> > It did eventually finish, with the same result:
>> Huh.  So what we have here, apparently, is that regular MVCC snapshots
>> think there is exactly one copy of the 1698936148/0 row, but TOAST fetches
>> think there is more than one.  This is darn odd, not least because we
>> never do UPDATEs in toast tables, only inserts and deletes, so there
>> certainly shouldn't be update chains there.
>> It seems like you've got some corner case wherein SnapshotToast sees a row
>> that isn't visible according to MVCC --- probably a row left over from
>> some previous cycle of life.  That is, I'm imagining the OID counter
>> wrapped around and we've reused a toast OID, but for some reason there's
>> still a row in the table with that OID.  I'm not sure offhand how we could
>> get into such a state.  Alvaro, does this ring any bells (remembering that
>> this is 9.3)?
> FWIW one of our support customers reported a very similar TOAST table
> corruption issue last week which nearly caused an outage. After a lot of
> analysis, I think I've now fully understood the reasons behind the
> corruption, the underlying bug(s) and possible remedy. I am currently
> working on writing a reproducible test case to demonstrate the problem and
> writing the fix. More details on that soon.
I've posted a reproducer and a proposed fix to -hackers [1]

In the particular case that I investigated, a database crash/recovery was
involved. But I think we should be able to create a scenario where OID
wrap-around or a standby promotion triggers the problem.  I don't know if
any of that was involved in the cases reported on this thread, but I've a
strong suspicion that the underlying bug is probably the same.


[1] https://www.postgresql.org/message-id/CABOikdOgWT2hHkYG3Wwo2cyZJq2zf

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