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Hello Adrian

I built fdw with debug option and ran it with debug option.  Here is the output

postgres=# select * from odbc_testt;
DEBUG:  StartTransactionCommand
DEBUG:  StartTransaction
DEBUG:  name: unnamed; blockState:       DEFAULT; state: INPROGR, xid/subid/cid: 0/1/0, nestlvl: 1, children:
DEBUG:  odbcGetForeignRelSize
DEBUG:  odbcGetTableOptions
DEBUG:  odbcGetOptions
DEBUG:  extract_odbcFdwOptions
DEBUG:  CONN STR: database=SAMPLE;DRIVER=SAMPLE;UID=db2inst1;PWD=db2inst1
DEBUG:  Error result (-1): Connecting to driver
ERROR:  Connecting to driver

Looking at the code this is the place where the error is coming from:

/* Allocate a connection handle */
     SQLAllocHandle(SQL_HANDLE_DBC, *env, dbc);
     /* Connect to the DSN */
     ret = SQLDriverConnect(*dbc, NULL, (SQLCHAR *) conn_str.data, SQL_NTS,
                           OutConnStr, 1024, &OutConnStrLen, SQL_DRIVER_COMPLETE);
     check_return(ret, "Connecting to driver", dbc, SQL_HANDLE_DBC);

Trouble is, I can't get any unixodbc manual to indicate the meaning of -1.

Per Steven's suggestion:


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