Hi Thomas,

On 4/11/18 3:14 AM, Thomas Poty wrote:

Sorry for answering only now but I just saw you answer only now.

 > To be clear, I'm the original author and primary maintainer of

I am very happy to see guys like you to take time to answer me. Thank you

You are welcome.  Users are the reason I work on this project.

 >This a good feature, and one that has been requested for pgBackRest. You
 >can do this fairly trivially with ssh, however, so it generally hasn't
 >been a big deal for people.  Is there a particular reason you need this

The reason is probably a psychologic matter but I like the idea of a unique connecting point to restore DBs of different location.

I am very impatient to see "replication slot" support and "remote restore" feature added.

Remote restore is likely to land first, though neither feature is currently at the top of the list. Unfortunately, we have limited resources and must prioritize.


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