Marius Andreiana <> writes:
> How about enabling users to do more advanced processing of JSON
> data inside the database itself, using JavaScript?
> There's the PLV8 extension
> but it's not available for many major db providers (eg Heroku), making it
> hard to adopt it. Having it supported in the standard PostgreSQL
> distribution, besides the existing 4 languages (
>, would be awesome!

The core Postgres project doesn't have unlimited resources --- in fact,
most of the time we feel desperately short of qualified developers.
So we're not eager to pick up the maintenance burden for extensions
that seem to be doing perfectly well on their own.  (The extensions
that do exist within the core distribution are largely there to make
sure we don't break extensibility by accident.)

Even if we did that, it would not automatically translate to downstream
packagers enabling the feature; they might not want the additional

So the right thing for you to do is to lobby Heroku to include PLV8
in their offering.  You'd have to convince them to support it in
any case.

                        regards, tom lane

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