Thanks Tom, that makes sense. Appreciate your time to explain the context.

I'll followup with Heroku.

Have a peaceful day,

On Wed, Mar 25, 2020 at 4:50 PM Tom Lane <> wrote:

> Marius Andreiana <> writes:
> > How about enabling users to do more advanced processing of JSON
> > data inside the database itself, using JavaScript?
> > There's the PLV8 extension
> > but it's not available for many major db providers (eg Heroku), making it
> > hard to adopt it. Having it supported in the standard PostgreSQL
> > distribution, besides the existing 4 languages (
> >, would be awesome!
> The core Postgres project doesn't have unlimited resources --- in fact,
> most of the time we feel desperately short of qualified developers.
> So we're not eager to pick up the maintenance burden for extensions
> that seem to be doing perfectly well on their own.  (The extensions
> that do exist within the core distribution are largely there to make
> sure we don't break extensibility by accident.)
> Even if we did that, it would not automatically translate to downstream
> packagers enabling the feature; they might not want the additional
> dependencies.
> So the right thing for you to do is to lobby Heroku to include PLV8
> in their offering.  You'd have to convince them to support it in
> any case.
>                         regards, tom lane

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