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Dear John,

Thanks for your support.

Please find below name of rpm.


We are using redhat Enterprise Linux 5.8.

ok, those RPM's were built and packaged by Redhat, I believe. If you have a RHEL support contract, you should be able to get help from them. If you don't, you really shouldn't be running RHEL as there's no updates available without one.

as far as how do you determine whats wrong with your file system? I don't know how you'd narrow that down, but postgres expected a file to be there, and it wasn't. what file system are you using for the volume containing the postgres data directory ? with RHEL5, you were pretty much limited to EXT3, I guess ? It would probably be a good idea to unmount the volume and fsck it. also check your system logs for any disk IO errors. is this storage on a raid controller, or using software raid, or just a simple file system on a single disk, or what? desktop/consumer disk drives are notorious for lying about writeback caching, telling the software the data is written when its still in a cache on the drive... if the power fails before the data actually gets written to disk with one of these, you can lose stuff.

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