17.09.2016 11:15, I wrote:
The relevant user-level API of libpq (PQisBusy) doesn't have a way to
return "waiting for write". So we'd have to break API compatibility.

Ah, I see. But then, this is a very common sort of problem (Existing API
spec getting inadequate for some new features added later, maintaining
complete interface compatability getting impossible.)

In this specific case, I'd say a reasonable approach would be to
urgently introduce some new PQisBusyParams() returning the flag in
question, and subsequently deprecating the historical PQisBusy(). Maybe
something else would be necessary. Meanwhile, it would seem logical to
move this busy-loop to PQisBusy() so it would become more evident
PQisBusy() is flawed.

I'm now doing a respective cleanup I'll use for myself in my project.

Also, I'd be happy to share my changes to libpq so that they could eventually be used upstream, so I'll try to post it to pgsql-hackers when ready.

Thank you,

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