17.09.2016 3:27, Andres Freund:
The relevant user-level API of libpq (PQisBusy) doesn't have a way to
return "waiting for write". So we'd have to break API compatibility.

I think this is actually not entirely correct.
PQisBusy is fine, I do not see a need to touch it at all.
Rather, the return value of PQConsumeInput could be extended (in fact has just been extended by me here) as follows:

Old spec:
0 == error
1 == no error

New spec:
0 == error
1 == no error
2 == no error but can't proceed until pending write finished.

Agreed, this is still an incompatible API change, but not excessively destructive and it should be fairly easy to make adjustments for such change (unless the usage has already been hopelessly broken).

Thank you,


Andres Freund

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