> We are currently running at 9.5.2 and plan to upgrade to 9.5.4, but our
> change requirement needs to plan for a downgrade with data preservation,
> before upgrade is authorized.
> Thus, I am asking this: Is it safe to downgrade from 9.5.4 to 9.5.2 by
> simply replacing the binaries? We will keep the data folder same.

Technically, that should not be a problem. The only thing to foresee would
be that, if you are upgrading to fix any BUGs or CVEs, then downgrading
would revert the fixes.
Just curious to know - when you say downgrade, do you mean to say there has
to be a back-out plan in place if the upgrade fails ? or you are really
going to downgrade again ?

Venkata B N

Fujitsu Australia

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