Hi Andreas, Adrian and Venkata,

Regarding "are you really going to downgrade again"?
The upgraded postgres will be bundled along with product code changes and
other products. So, if someone finds product issues, they will roll back
everything together.
So, essentially, yes. One requirement of the roll out is that it be
possible to roll-back.

It is understood that the Bugs/CVEs will be reverted by the downgrade. In
any-case, the downgrade will be temporary till the issue is resolved and
the bundle upgraded again.


> But trust me, there is problem with the new version.

Do you see any major defects with the new version?


On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 11:32 AM, Venkata B Nagothi <nag1...@gmail.com>

> We are currently running at 9.5.2 and plan to upgrade to 9.5.4, but our
>> change requirement needs to plan for a downgrade with data preservation,
>> before upgrade is authorized.
>> Thus, I am asking this: Is it safe to downgrade from 9.5.4 to 9.5.2 by
>> simply replacing the binaries? We will keep the data folder same.
> Technically, that should not be a problem. The only thing to foresee would
> be that, if you are upgrading to fix any BUGs or CVEs, then downgrading
> would revert the fixes.
> Just curious to know - when you say downgrade, do you mean to say there
> has to be a back-out plan in place if the upgrade fails ? or you are really
> going to downgrade again ?
> Regards,
> Venkata B N
> Fujitsu Australia

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