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> On Jan 11, 2017, at 8:19 PM, Melvin Davidson wrote:
> *Yes, you're right about ALTER SYSTER. Unfortunately, the op provided
> neither PostgreSQL version or O/S, so we can't even be sure that is *
> *an option. That is  why I stated "I cannot confirm".*
> I didn't think that would matter, but postgres 9.6.1 and ubuntu 16.04
> anyways, thanks.  i'll test that approach.


*I've tested this in PostgreSQL 9.4.6, so it should work for 9.6.1 also*

*Edit the postgresql.conf and change #autovacuum = on*

*toautovacuum = off*

*and save it.*

*Then psql -U postgres -c "SELECT pg_reload_conf();"*

*No need to restart postgres.*
After you finish your processing, do not forget to re-edit postgresql.conf
and change

*autovacuum = off*

*toautovacuum = on*

*save and*

*psql -U postgres -c "SELECT pg_reload_conf();"*


*Melvin Davidson*
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wish to share my fantasy is entirely up to you.

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