I'm trying to get a Postgres DB version of an application I write in
PowerBuilder working. The thing I'm stuck on is Identity keys - what you set
up with the SERIAL attribute or SEQUENCEs / GENERATORs in Postgres.


I have the sequence set up and clearly working. And in PowerBuilder, I have
added a section I found online to a file it uses to know how to deal with
different aspects of different DBs (PBODBxxx.INI) for Postgres, including
the following line for retrieving an identity key after saving a record,
when the DB automatically fills in the value:


GetIdentity="Select currval('GEN_&TableName')"


That obviously depends on the generator being named "GEN_" plus the table's
name - which is true in our case.


But nothing like that is happening. Does anyone else have PostgresSQL
working with PowerBuilder and identity keys, who can give me some pointers
on how get this to work?





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