No, Carl, when I created the sequence, I didn't put its name in double
quotes, so therefore its name wasn't being forced to stay upper case. So in
the nextval() command, putting it only in single quotes works - Postgres
converts both the original creation and the reference to it to lower case.

As I have mentioned in several replies, I have tested all of this code
directly in SQL statements and they work perfectly. It's only the
interaction with PowerBuilder that isn't working right, which is why I keep
saying that further answers from anyone that hasn't solved this problem of
using Postgres with PowerBuilder, and getting identity retrieval to work in
PowerBuilder, are not at this point worthwhile.

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>   Select currval('GEN_&TableName')

>From the above, I am assuming you did something like:

   CREATE SEQUENCE "GEN_&TableName" ...;

and are trying to access this sequence?  If so, you actually have to include
the SQL quoted identifier syntax within the text argument to
currval() or nextval(), e.g.

   SELECT nextval('"GEN_&TableName"');

With these sorts of identifier-as-argument parameters in Postgres, you can
also include schema-qualification syntax:

   SELECT nextval('"My Schema"."GEN_&TableName"');


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