Thanks, David, this was actually the most helpful suggestion. Using logging of 
SQL statements in Postgres, I was able to first determine that the style of 
quoting I was using in the PowerBuilder INI file wasn’t working, and then that 
the &TableName variable wasn’t being expanded by PowerBuilder before sending 
the SQL to Postgres. The latter of which is a clear PowerBuilder problem, so I 
have submitted it to them as a bug.


So I think we can now put this to rest on this mailing list. Thanks, all.



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As I have mentioned in several replies, I have tested all of this code
directly in SQL statements and they work perfectly. It's only the
interaction with PowerBuilder that isn't working right, which is why I keep
saying that further answers from anyone that hasn't solved this problem of
using Postgres with PowerBuilder, and getting identity retrieval to work in
PowerBuilder, are not at this point worthwhile.


If it is PostgreSQL's problem you should be able to setup statement logging on 
the server and see what is happening at the SQL level.


David J.

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