On Sat, Feb 10, 2018 at 4:32 PM, Thomas Munro
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> I agree that it would be nice if the build farm (and my unofficial
> patch tester for that matter) could automatically test the LDAP stuff
> when running on a suitable system, but I think it would need to be
> based not just on ifeq ($(with_ldap),yes) as you showed.  I think the
> test would need a way to report that it can't find slapd so it can't
> run, but not consider that to be a hard failure.  Or something like
> that...

Hmm.  I guess I just changed the subject a bit there to running those
tests from check-world, if possible, by default.  But as
src/test/Makefile says, those test suites "are not secure to run on a
multi-user system".  You're talking about making the tests not fail if
you tried to run them directly (not from check-world, but by direct
invocation) when you didn't build with the right options.  I take back
what I said: it's probably better if you run those tests explicitly
when you know you have the prerequisites installed and you're OK with
the security implications (for example I should probably just do that
on those Travis CI patch tester builds).  Sorry for the noise.

Thomas Munro

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