Pavel Stehule wrote:

> > I guess -C/--csv could be used, like there already is -H/--html.
> >
> I prefer just long option only. Maybe in future we can use short "C" for
> something else better. There is only few free short commands.

Looking at parse_psql_options(), currently psql has 35 long options
and all of them have a corresponding single-character invocation.
Unless there is a consensus for it, I don't feel like it's time to create
the precedent that some options deserve short forms and others

Sure at some point we'll run out of letters, but looking back ten
years ago, on Jan 2008 psql had 31 options, so the rate of adding new
ones does not look worrying.

Besides I like the fact that -C can be seen as a drop-in replacement for
-A, because in most cases, it's just a safer version of -A, as it
deals with the situation that the separator might be in the contents,
which is the main weakness of -A.

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