psql --csv -c 'TABLE foo' > foo.csv

With a -c to introduce the command.

This seems pretty specialized.  If we're adding something new, how about

   psql --format=csv -o foo.csv -c 'TABLE foo'

Or we could stick with:

   psql -P format=csv -o foo.csv -c 'TABLE foo'

Currently "-P format=csv" uses the unaligned formating separators, i.e. '|' is used. I was suggesting that a special long option could switch several variables to some specific values, i.e.


Would be equivalent to something like:

  -P format=csv -P fieldsep=, -P recordsep=\n (?) -P tuples_only=on ...

I.e. really generate some csv from the data in just one option, not many.

But this is obviously debatable.


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