I have found that Japanese language support for the database server
has been dropped for 10.  This is because it fell below the 80% of
strings translated requirement, so it was shipped without Japanese.
This isn't true of all components, but it seems quite alarming that
we've pushed out PostgreSQL 10 with no language support for a country
that has contributed a significant amount to the project, and has a
relatively large number of users.

The database server also dropped support for Indonesian and Portugese
(Brazil).  In fact, just between 9.6 and 10, the following language
support was dropped for these components:

 cs       | plpython
 de       | pg_resetxlog
 es       | pg_resetxlog
 fr       | pg_resetxlog
 id       | postgres
 it       | pg_resetxlog
 ja       | pg_basebackup,pg_resetxlog,plpython,pltcl,postgres,psql
 ko       | pg_resetxlog
 pl       | pg_resetxlog
 pt_BR    | pg_basebackup,pg_resetxlog,pltcl,postgres
 ru       | pg_resetxlog
 sv       | pg_resetxlog
 tr       | plperl
 zh_CN    | pg_basebackup,pg_resetxlog,pltcl
 zh_TW    | plperl

This is a huge amount of compared to what happened between 9.5 and 9.6:

 cs       | psql

between 9.4 and 9.5:

 cs       | pltcl
 ro       | pltcl
 tr       | libpq,pltcl
 zh_TW    | pltcl,psql

and between 9.3 and 9.4:

 cs       | pg_basebackup,pg_resetxlog
 ja       | pg_basebackup,pg_resetxlog
 zh_TW    | pg_ctl,postgres

There are many translations that are on the verge of falling under
80%.  Japanese alone has 6 components between 80-83%, but other
languages are in a similar position.

I feel this is something that we, as a community, need to address.
Unfortunately, some of us aren't in a position to contribute to such
an effort.  We need folk to step forward to help get these
translations updated, or this situation will likely only get worse.



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