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> > I also noticed the same thing few days ago, by the fact that RPM
> > release of PG10 doesn't contain psql translation.
> >
> > @10 >  ja       | pg_basebackup,pg_resetxlog,
> plpython,pltcl,postgres,psql
> > @9.4>  ja       | pg_basebackup,pg_resetxlog
> >
> > I'm not sure how the translations are maintained but I think I can help.
> > Ishii-san, Thom, may I take some (or all?) of the files?
> I'm not working on message translations.  Hotta-san is actively
> working on the translations here:
> https://github.com/hotta/pg-nls-ja
I was wondering a bit about how translations are maintained. Experience
with another highly internationalised project years ago showed that many
people who are willing to volunteer as translators are NOT willing to
interact with git (or at the time, svn) and the other tools many of us take
for granted.

Can more be gained with user-friendly, probably web-based, translation
tools to make translation updating more accessible?

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