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> Hello, Magnus, Peter!
> I'm excited that this feature emerged, thanks for the patch. Hope it will
> help to fix some mistakes made during initdb long time ago...
> 22 февр. 2018 г., в 18:22, Peter Eisentraut <peter.eisentraut@2ndquadrant.
> com> написал(а):
> On 2/21/18 15:53, Magnus Hagander wrote:
> *Two new functions are added, pg_enable_data_checksums() and
> pg_disable_data_checksums(). The disable one is easy -- it just changes
> to disable. The enable one will change the state to inprogress, and then
> start a background worker (the “checksumhelper launcher”). This worker
> in turn will start one sub-worker (“checksumhelper worker”) in each
> database (currently all done sequentially).*
> This is at least the fourth version of the pattern launcher plus worker
> background workers.  I wonder whether we can do something to make this
> easier and less repetitive.  Not in this patch, of course.
> Peter, can I ask for some pointers in searching for previous versions?
> I want to review patch this patch and some code comparision could be
> handy....
> So far I've found only this [0,1] (without code) and threads mentioned by
> Magnus [2,3]
> Or do you mean extracting "worker+lancher" for reuse for other purposes?
I'm pretty sure Peter means the second. Which could be interesting, but as
he says, not the topic for this patch.

I'm not entirely sure which the others ones are. Auto-Vacuum obviously is
one, which doesn't use the worker infrastructure. But I'm not sure which
the others are referring to?

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