Tels wrote:

> Last but not least I'd be able to help with the german translation, but I
> have no clear idea how, or what the actual status is. Are German
> translators actually needed?

German, along with Russian and French, are pretty much the only
translations kept fully up to date almost all the time.  It used to be
the case for Spanish also, but I've been slacking lately.  The status
tables are here:

> And while I have no problem entering some texts on a website or edit a
> file with an editor, the process described here:
> sounds complicated [...]

I think we should link to our Babel site in that page, and also to the
translator-level docs which are here:

Clearly, for a few languages the current facilities are sufficient.
If we make the process easier, we're likely to have more translations.
Will there be people verifying the quality also?

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