> Michael Paquier wrote:
>> On Fri, Feb 23, 2018 at 09:51:02AM +0900, Tatsuo Ishii wrote:
>> > I'm not working on message translations.  Hotta-san is actively
>> > working on the translations here:
>> > 
>> > https://github.com/hotta/pg-nls-ja
>> If you need help here, feel free to ping me.  I have done translation to
>> Japanese for other things in the past in technical products, so anything
>> related to Postgres in this language is not much an issue from here.
> How many repositories do we need, though?  There is already one in
> git.postgresql.org -- see https://babel.postgresql.org/
> Surely we could add a few committers that can take care of Japanese.
> Please join pgsql-translat...@postgresql.org.

In my understanding Hotta-san is using the github repository to get
some reviews from other people who are working on PostgreSQL manual
translation project before submitting the po files to the patch


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