Magnus Hagander <> writes:

> Our instructions in src/tools/pgindent/README says to make sure we use
> perltidy version v20090616. However, this version no longer appears to be
> available for download on the link we provide -- the oldest one available
> is 20140328.

It's available via MetaCPAN:

Which means it can be installed with 'cpanm Perl::Tidy@20090616' or
'cpan SHANCOCK/Perl-Tidy-20090616.tar.gz' (the latter requires a
BackPAN-inclusive mirror configured, e.g.

Direct tarball download link:

Or directly from BackPAN (the MetaCPAN mirror includes BackPAN):

> Is it perhaps time to move up to a newer version? Or failing that, perhaps
> we need to host our own copy of the old version?

BackPAN keeps all distributions ever uploaded to CPAN, unless removal is
explicitly requested, e.g. for legal reasons, so there should be no need
to host it ourselves.

- ilmari
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