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> Magnus Hagander <mag...@hagander.net> writes:
> > Our instructions in src/tools/pgindent/README says to make sure we use
> > perltidy version v20090616. However, this version no longer appears to be
> > available for download on the link we provide -- the oldest one available
> > is 20140328.
> It's available via MetaCPAN:
> https://metacpan.org/release/SHANCOCK/Perl-Tidy-20090616
> Which means it can be installed with 'cpanm Perl::Tidy@20090616' or
> 'cpan SHANCOCK/Perl-Tidy-20090616.tar.gz' (the latter requires a
> BackPAN-inclusive mirror configured, e.g. cpan.metacpan.org).
> Direct tarball download link:
> https://cpan.metacpan.org/authors/id/S/SH/SHANCOCK/Perl-
> Tidy-20090616.tar.gz
> Or directly from BackPAN (the MetaCPAN mirror includes BackPAN):
> http://backpan.perl.org/authors/id/S/SH/SHANCOCK/Perl-Tidy-20090616.tar.gz
> > Is it perhaps time to move up to a newer version? Or failing that,
> perhaps
> > we need to host our own copy of the old version?
> BackPAN keeps all distributions ever uploaded to CPAN, unless removal is
> explicitly requested, e.g. for legal reasons, so there should be no need
> to host it ourselves.

In that case, we should at least update our instructions for how to install
it. But that's definitely a better option than hosting our own copy.

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