Hi Robert,
Thanks for your advice! I agree very much with you. It is necessary to analyze 
and determine its functional requirements before developing a website. 
Hopefully in the exchange with Mr. Wong, we can discuss the function of this 
website as detail as possible.

I see the Build Farm project seems to use perl script to upload data to the 
site. I guess the Performance Farm project may also use a similar script 
(Although I am not familiar with perl, I would like to learn it if needed). I 
think that after discussing the functional requirements, we can gradually 
determine the data table structure, data format and web interface. In my 
imagination, the perl script just needs to send the request in the format of 
the web interface, and the web application can receive the data it sends.

Last but not least, I promise that if I write the code for this project, I will 
only use the famous frameworks and libraries. I will not look for semi-finished 
products and then modify or improve it.

Hongyuan Ma (cs_maleica...@163.com) 

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