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> And even more so, I'm not even sure it makes sense to try to get this
> into v11. This is a medium-large complicated feature, submitted to the
> last CF for v11.  That's pretty late.  Now, Magnus is a committer, but
> nevertheless...

Yeah, I would also favor bumping this one out to a later release.  I
think there is a significant risk either that the design is flawed --
and as evidence, I offer that I found a flaw in it which I noticed
only because of a passing remark in an email, not because I opened the
patch -- or that the design boxes us into a corner such that it will
be hard to improve this later.  I think that there are is a good
chance that there are other serious problems with this patch and to be
honest I don't really want to go try to find them right this minute; I
want to work on other patches that were submitted earlier and have
been waiting for a long time.

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