Patch applies, compiles, pgbench & global "make check" ok, doc built ok.


If I understand upthread correctly, implementation of Murmur hash algorithm based on Austin Appleby work

If so, I have notice and objections:

1) Seems, it's good idea to add credits to Austin Appleby to comments.

2) Reference implementaion directly says (link above):
// 2. It will not produce the same results on little-endian and big-endian
//    machines.

I don't think that is good thing for testing and benchmarking for several reasons: it could produce different data collection, different selects, different distribution.

3) Again, from comments of reference implementation:
// Note - This code makes a few assumptions about how your machine behaves -
// 1. We can read a 4-byte value from any address without crashing

It's not true for all supported platforms. Any box with strict aligment will SIGBUSed here.

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