Kyotaro HORIGUCHI wrote:

> 1. some messages are missing partitioned table/index
>   The first attached. I'm not sure how the orering ought to be
>   but I arranged them in mainly in the appearance order in if()
>   conditions, or the order of case label in switch()
>   construct. One exception is ATExecChangeOwner, in which the
>   order is the others regardless of the case label order just
>   above.
>   This is backpatchable to 10 but 10 doesn't have partitioned
>   index so needs a different fix (Second attached).
>   # But, I'm not sure if the list may be that long...

I *think* the idea here is that a partitioned table is a table, so there
is no need to say "foo is not a table or partitioned table".  We only
mention partitioned tables when we want to make a distinction between
those that are partitioned and those that aren't.

Same with indexes.

> 2. GUC comment for autovacuum_work_mem has a typo, "max num of
>    parallel workers *than* can be..". (Third attached)

Yeah, pushed, though it's parallel_max_workers not autovacuum_work_mem.

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